Set up

You can find Intercom integration on your integration setting page. Follow the instructions to connect your Intercom account. Anyone who has access to your Monterey workspace can set up Intercom integration.

Create feedback from customer conversations

Once the setup is done, you will see a Monterey AI section in the Intercom details bar on the right when you open a conversation. It will bring up a form which requires a description. You can also optionally include a customer emails and customer names from the Intercom conversation, select a project. You can then create feedback directly Intercom by clicking “Create feedback”. The feedback will show up in “All feedback” tab in Monterey auto categorized.

Automatically ingest Intercom conversations

Stay tuned, we are working on a system that will automatically ingest messages from Intercom, detect feedback-related messages, and create feedback in Monterey automatically.

User Access

Anyone in Intercom can create feedback issues and Monterey AI section in the sidebar even when they do not have access to Monterey. Only Monterey teammates will be able to view feedback in Monterey.