Salesforce unifies sales, marketing, and customer data on a single platform. Connect this data with Monterey AI to find more insights, and link feedback back to real customer value.

Get Started

You can find the Salesforce integration on your integration settings page.

A user with access to both Monterey AI as well as Salesforce will need to authorize the connection.


Go to "Settings"


Click "Integrations" in the navigation menu


Click "Salesforce"


Click "Connect"


If necessary, log in to Salesforce using the appropriate account


Review and approve the permissions requested


Once confirmed, you will be returned to Monterey AI, where you can toggle on ingestion of sales notes

Data Collected

Once Monterey AI and Salesforce are connected successfully, data will be pulled from periodically. The first time Monterey AI loads data, it will look back 1 week. After that, it will ingest all new data up to your plan’s feedback volume limit.

Only notes from opportunities in the “Closed-Won” status will be ingested. This is to ensure that the feedback you receive is based on successful sales outcomes.

The following data attributes are loaded from Salesforce and utilized in Monterey AI for analysis:

  • Notes
    • Metadata (ID, created time, updated time)
    • Title
    • Content
  • Accounts
    • Metadata (ID, created time, updated time)
    • Name
    • Description
    • Website
    • Revenue
    • Number of Employees
    • Postal Code
    • Country