Front is a shared inbox for teams. It allows you to manage all of your communication channels in one place.

With the Monterey AI integration with Front, you can

  • Surface trends in customer conversations
  • Discover emerging issues
  • Understand what are the commercial risks and opportunities
  • Summarize customer communications to actionable product insights

Get Started

You can find the Front integration on your integration settings page.

A user with admin-level access to both Monterey AI as well as Front will need to authorize the connection.


Go to "Settings"


Click "Integrations" in the navigation menu


Click "Front"


Click "Connect"


If necessary, log in to Front using the appropriate account


Review and approve the permissions requested


Once confirmed, you will be returned to Monterey AI, where you can toggle on conversation ingestion

Data Collected

Once Monterey AI and Front are connected successfully, data will be pulled from Front periodically. The first time Monterey AI loads data, it will look back 1 week. After that, it will ingest all new data up to your plan’s feedback volume limit.

Each email thread that is accessible will be ingested, such that each message in the thread is viewable in Monterey. Only inbound messages will be analyzed for insights and other outputs in Monterey AI.

When ingesting email threads, we collect the following data and attributes from the Front API:

  • Sender name and handle (e.g. email)
  • Message subject and body (text content)