The integration with Gong is a great way to get product insights with and from your Sales team. With the integration, your team can:

  • Surface trends in customer calls
  • Extract common feature requests, bug reports, and questions
  • Understand commercial risks and opportunities from win - loss notes
  • Summarize sales communications into actionable product insights

If this is a one time ingestion or low data volume, we recommend you upload via CSV or Zapier instead of building a continuous pipeline.

Get Started

You can find the Gong integration on your integration settings page.

A user with access to both Monterey AI as well as Gong will need to authorize the connection.


Go to "Settings"


Click "Integrations" in the navigation menu


Click "Gong"


Click "Connect"


If necessary, log in to Gong using the appropriate account


Review and approve the permissions requested


Once confirmed, you will be returned to Monterey AI where you can select transcripts to analyze

Data Collected

Once Gong is connected to Monterey, we will load a list of recent calls for you to select from.

For each call you select, we will load information including the following from the Gong API:

  • Metadata (Basic details such as call date, title, call URL, etc)
  • Parties (A list of the call’s participants)
  • Media (The media urls of the call)
  • Content (Analysis of the interaction content)
  • Interaction (Metrics collected around the interaction during the call)
  • Collaboration (Collaboration information added to the call)
  • Context (A list of links to external systems such as CRM, Dialer, Case Management, etc)

Alternative Methods

If you do not have access to Gong, but have call transcripts, you can still upload them directly to Monterey by navigating to the feedback page and then clicking ”+ Feedback” and choosing “Import Transcripts”.