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The Slack integration makes it effortless to stay on top of customer feedback and insights directly within your team’s workspace. With the integration, your team can:

  • Uncover insights from channels shared with customers
  • Interact with Ask Monty via chat conversations
  • Get alerts in chosen Slack channels for new feedback, theme reports, and weekly digests
  • Create feedback directly from Slack messages


To get started, navigate to the integration setting page and select Slack.

Connect Workspace


Click "Connect to Slack"


Choose Features

We only ask for the permissions that are necessary for the features you plan to use.


Click "Connect"

This will take you to Slack to review and approve the permissions we request.

Depending on your workspace settings, you may need to ask your Slack admin to approve the integration. After approval, you will need to repeat the steps to connect the integration.

If you want to remove the integration, you can find the instructions here.

Feedback Ingestion

To begin pulling conversations into Monterey for analysis, you will need to select the channels you want to ingest.


Click "Add Channel"

This will open a menu where you can search and select channels.


Enable Ingest

Ensure that the “Ingest” toggle is enabled for each channel you want to ingest.

If you do not see the channel you want to ingest, you may need to invite the Monterey app to the channel. Once this is done, click the “Refresh Channels” button.

Configuring Notifications

We route our notifications through filter criteria set up in Views. From the Views creation page, you can choose channels for:

  • Individual Feedback
  • Weekly Summary
  • Overall Themes

If your workspace has high feedback volume, use caution when enabling notifications.


Create feedback from DM, channel, and thread

Create feedback directly in Slack by clicking on the three dots menu from a message. You will see a pop up window with pre-populated description field that is pulled from the message.


Anyone who has the have the access to the specified Slack channel can create feedback from slack to Monterey AI even when they do not have Monterey access. Only Monterey teammates will be able to view feedback in Monterey.

Ask Monty

Send a message mentioning @Monterey in any channel or direct message to start a conversation with Monty. Monty will gather data, provide insights, and generate charts, all within a conversation thread.

Ingest Conversations

Once Monterey AI and Slack are connected successfully and you have selected channels for ingestion, data will be pulled from periodically. The first time Monterey AI loads data, it will look back 1 week. After that, it run every multiple times a day, up to hourly, depending on your subscription plan.

Data Collected

The following data attributes are loaded from Slack and utilized in Monterey AI for analysis:

  • Users
    • Metadata (ID, created time, updated time)
    • Email
    • Name
  • Messages
    • Metadata (ID, created time, updated time)
    • Content
  • Channels
    • Metadata (ID, created time, updated time)
    • Name