The integration with Intercom is a great way to get product insights with and from your support team. With the integration, your team can:

  • Surface trends from customer conversations
  • Extract common feature requests, bug reports, and questions
  • Understand what prospective customers are asking about

Get Started

You can find the Intercom integration on your integration settings page.

A user with access to both Monterey AI as well as Intercom will need to authorize the connection.


Go to "Settings"


Click "Integrations" in the navigation menu


Click "Intercom"


Click "Connect"


If necessary, log in to Gong using the appropriate account


Review and approve the permissions requested


Once confirmed, you will be returned to Monterey AI, where you can toggle on conversation ingestion

Intercom Inbox App

Once the setup is done, you will see a Monterey AI section in the Intercom details bar on the right when you open a conversation. It will bring up a form which requires a description. You can also optionally include a customer emails and customer names from the Intercom conversation, select a project. You can then create feedback directly Intercom by clicking “Create feedback”. The feedback will show up in “All feedback” tab in Monterey auto categorized.

Anybody with access to your Intercom inbox will be able to send feedback to Monterey AI, via the app in the sidebar, even if they do not have access to Monterey AI. Only teammates added to Monterey AI directly will be able to view feedback and insights.

Ingest Conversations

Once Monterey AI is authorized to access Intercom on your behalf, you can enable a setting on the integration settings page to have Monterey ingest new conversation data regularly. This process will run every multiple times a day, up to hourly, depending on your subscription plan.

Initially, we will pull conversations up to 1 week old, and then load new ones on an ongoing basis. Each message in a conversation will be loaded into Monterey AI, however, only messages coming from the external customer will be analyzed.

Data Collected

When ingesting conversations, we collect the following data and attributes from the Intercom API:

  • Metadata (Basic details such as the conversation ID, URL, creation date, etc.)
  • Message text content (only those of type Comment that are not redacted)
  • Message Authors (Name, Email, Type)