Set up Slack Integration

You can find Slack integration in the integration setting page. Pick Slack integration and follow the guidelines to set it up. If you want to turn the integrations off, you can find the instructions here.

Anyone who has access to your Monterey workspace can set up Slack integration.

Create feedback from DM, channel, and thread

Create feedback directly in Slack by clicking on the three dots menu from a message. You will see a pop up window with pre-populated description field that is pulled from the message.

Send feedback notifications from Monterey to Slack

In order to keep your team updated about new feedback, you can connect to a specific Slack channel to get notifications when new feedback is received. If your workspace has high feedback volume, use caution when enabling notifications.

Send weekly feedback reports from Monterey to Slack

You can connect to a specific Slack channel to get weekly feedback reports. These reports contain an interactive insight summary of all feedback you receive each week.

User Access

Anyone who has the have the access to the specified Slack channel can create feedback from slack to Monterey AI even when they do not have Monterey access. Only Monterey teammates will be able to view feedback in Monterey.