Monterey automatically sorts feedback into bug, feature, question, and appreciation categories. If you think a different category is more appropriate for a particular piece of feedback, you can change it by clicking “Category” in the Feedback detail view.

If you need additional custom categories, please [contact us] to upgrade.

Project areas

Organize feedback into project areas based on larger initiatives or teams. You can customize these project areas in the [settings/project-areas] section. When you create a ticket from [XYZ] and Intercom, you will be asked to select product areas. You can also edit this information at anytime in the Feedback detail view.

Auto triage feedback

If you spend significant time triaging and routing the right feedback to the right team, we want to help. Monterey builds custom models on top of your knowledge base, predicts sentiment and priorities, and automatically routes the feedback to the right team. [Contact us] to learn more.


Tags give you an extra level of categorization. Be careful when creating new tags. Feedback columns such as categories, priority, status, source, and project area should cover most of the attributes you care about in feedback. Tags should only be used if you need extra granularity. You can add and edit tags in the settings/tags page.