We identify potential spam in advance, ensuring you’re not wading through irrelevant input

What You’ll See When Reviewing:

  • Source: Where did the feedback originate?
  • Customer: Who provided this feedback?
  • Description: A brief summary of the feedback content.

Review Actions:

  • Mark as Useful: Found something that isn’t spam? Simply single-click the green thumbs-up button. This moves the feedback to your inbox, marking it for further attention.
  • Confirm as Spam: If you determine a feedback is indeed spam, a double click on the red thumbs-down button hides it permanently, ensuring your workspace remains clutter-free.

What Will Happen Behind the Scenes

Monterey’s spam ingestion system is designed to optimize around individual workspaces as they grow and human labels are provided. For example, two workspaces may view topics around a subject like cryptocurrency very differently in terms of them being labeled as spam or not spam. As each of those workspaces ingest their feedback data, only a few human labeled spam designations (either from spam -> not spam or vice-versa) will be needed to allow our system to tune the spam classification’s as needed per workspace.

Additionally, over time our system is able to start predicting which feedback snippets are most ambiguous in whether they should be marked as spam. This will be reflected in the Spam Review page where the most ambiguous feedback items will be ranked first for review, saving you and your team time by focusing on the feedback that matters most.