In today’s tech landscape, while platforms like Mixpanel and Amplitude have democratized product analytics, the potential of qualitative data remains untapped. Enter Monterey — designed to unearth these hidden insights and make feedback collection a seamless experience for product builders.

Choose a Scalable Feedback System from the Start

Every product builder feels the inconvenience of juggling various platforms for feedback. Monterey aims to automate this. We offer a comprehensive suite to capture and collate feedback, eliminating the need for endless switches between tools. Growing businesses often change tools, leading to increased costs, user confusion, and data loss. With Monterey, you can customize your feedback gathering from the outset, adapting features as you grow.

Begin with Broad Insights; Dive Deeper When Necessary

Start your journey by observing overarching patterns and trends in the feedback. This bird’s eye view allows for an understanding of general sentiment and recurring themes. However, when nuances matter, Monterey enables you to delve into the intricacies, ensuring that every valuable insight is within reach.

A Comprehensive Repository for Qualitative Feedback

While quantitative data has its champions, qualitative feedback has long been underrepresented. Monterey bridges this gap, creating a singular hub for all qualitative insights. From appreciations to bug reports, every piece of feedback is stored, categorized, and made ready for analysis.

Real-Time, Actionable Intelligence

The pace of the modern world demands real-time solutions. Our platform doesn’t just store feedback - it actively analyzes it. Powered by cutting-edge AI, Monterey transforms feedback into actionable insights on the fly. Whether it’s identifying a commonly reported bug or gauging the reception of a new feature, Monterey ensures you’re always a step ahead.

Feature Highlights

Feedback Anytime, Anywhere:

  • Embedded Feedback Widget: Integrate our feedback widget into your website with a simple script. This ensures that your users can effortlessly share their thoughts without leaving the platform.
  • Universal Integration: Sync with numerous apps and centralize all your feedback right here at Monterey.

Advanced Feedback Analysis with Monty:

  • AI-Powered Categorization: Let our AI swiftly categorize feedback into labels like appreciation, bug, feature, or question. Further refine by setting priorities, assigning roles, and handling feedback granularly.
  • Ask Monty for Insights: Harness the power of the GPT-4 model with “Ask Monty”. Just ask about any feedback data, and Monty will generate an in-depth, insightful answer.