By systematically structuring feedback into these digestible chunks, Monterey ensures that every voice is heard and every insight is actionable


Monterey’s structured report categorizes and groups feedback into similar types and themes. The report is updated automatically with new data weekly.

Snapshot of Feedback Categories

At a glance, view the total count of snippets received and delve deeper into the segmented numbers for feature requests, bug reports, questions, and appreciations. This offers a quick understanding of the kind of feedback coming your way.

Top Themes Bar Chart

Visualize the pulse of your user feedback with a bar chart highlighting the top 5 prevalent themes. This graphical representation allows you to quickly discern which topics are most resonating with your user base.

Detailed Theme Summaries

  • Theme Overviews: For each identified theme, see a brief summary, the number of snippets associated with it, and the theme’s percentage of the current category’s total snippets.
  • Interactivity: Expand any theme to view the specific snippets that fall under it. This provides context and depth to each identified trend.
  • Customizability: Tailor the data to your needs! Edit the theme titles for pinpoint accuracy, delete irrelevant themes, or save crucial ones for easier future access.


  • Source: Understand feedback trends from specific channels or platforms.
  • Time: Narrow down themes based on specific time frames, such as monthly or quarterly trends, to understand the evolving nature of user feedback.