Weekly overview

Get to know this week’s feedback highlight

Ask About your Feedback

An interactive search box designed for you to make direct inquiries about your week’s feedback. Type your question, e.g., “What’s the most common feedback this week?” or “How has feedback on our new feature changed since Monday?” and get instant insight.

Weekly Data Snapshot

Dive into the numbers that matter. In this section, you’ll find a breakdown of the week’s feedback metrics, including:

New Snippets: A count of fresh feedback received this week.

New Snippets Over Prior Week: See the week-on-week change in snippets.

Total Snippets: A cumulative total of all snippets collected.

Feature Requests and Bug Reports

Dive deeper into the specifics with a curated list of the most impactful feedback:

Top 5 Feature Requests: Identify the most sought-after features, along with their proportion of the total feature requests.

Top Bug Reports: Highlight the most frequently reported issues, ensuring they’re on your radar.

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Unified Awareness: Once enabled, all members of your workspace receive these insightful updates.

Deep Dive Insights: Workspaces that have run a Structured Report benefit from an enriched, detailed analysis in their weekly digest.

Go to Settings → Workspace → Weekly Report to enable weekly report