Monterey understands the diverse sources from which you may be collecting feedback. That’s why we offer a seamless integration with Flatfile to simplify the process of importing feedback from spreadsheets directly into Monterey.

Steps to Import Feedback:

  • Select Your File: Upload your .CSV, .XLSX, or other compatible file types.
  • Provide Required Information: Ensure your file includes a ‘Description’ column, which is essential for our system to process your feedback.
  • Optional Data Points: Enhance your feedback records with optional columns such as ‘Title’, ‘Created At’, ‘Customer Name’, and ‘Customer Email’. If you’re including ‘Customer Name’, make sure to pair it with ‘Customer Email’. Use semicolons (;) to separate multiple tags in the ‘Tags’ column.
  • Column Reassignment: If your column headers don’t exactly match our requirements, fret not! You’ll have the opportunity to reassign and map them in the subsequent step.

If you have extra columns that you want to bring to Monterey, contact us at