Thank you for your interest in setting up SSO with Monterey AI via Okta. This guide will walk you through the setup process and help you collect the information needed to provide back to us. If you have any questions along the way, please reach out to your primary point of contact with our team, or to

  1. Open the left-nav bar and navigate to “Applications” (inside “Applications” section)


  2. Click “Create App Integration”

    1. For Sign-in method, choose “OIDC - OpenID Connect”

    2. For Application type, choose “Web Application”

      Create app

  3. Configure General Settings

    1. You can name the app as you’d like, we suggest “Monterey AI”
    2. You can download a logo to provide here: [link to logo]
    3. Other settings can be left empty or default values
  4. Configure Sign-in redirect URIs

    1. Enter the following URI:
    2. Do not check the box for _Allow wildcard _ in sign-in URI redirect.*
  5. Configure Sign-out redirect URIs

    1. Enter the following URI:
  6. Assignments

    1. This can be configured to your preferences based on who should have access to Monterey AI.
  7. Finally, click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

  8. On the resulting page, collect the following details:

    1. Client ID

    2. Client Secret

      Client Details

    3. Your Okta Domain is not on this page, but would look something like . It can be found by clicking your profile in the top right, and copying the value from the information displayed.


  9. Share details with your point of contact at Monterey AI

    1. We suggest using secure methods, like temporary credentials through 1password, or other secure document sharing means in place with your organization.
    2. The final set of details that need shared:
      1. Client ID
      2. Client Secret
      3. Okta domain
      4. Email domain(s) users in your organization have that will access Monterey AI e.g. or