This page provides insights into each individual or entity that interacts with your product

Basic Information

Browse through essential customer information, including their Email/ID, total feedback count, the last time they submitted feedback, and any specific tags associated with them.

Detailed Information

  • User Segmentation

    Set tags to classify customers into various segments, such as enterprise, SMB, or individual, to understand and cater to each group’s unique needs.

    add custom tags?

  • Contract value

    Assign a contract value (or a range) to each customer, providing a clearer picture of their weight within your ecosystem.

Add New Customers

Seamlessly add new customers to the database. Input their name, customer ID or email, assign a contract value, and tag them to a specific user segment.

  • Filtering: Narrow down your customer list using tags or by setting a range for contract values, ensuring you easily find the segment you’re looking for.
  • Search: A quick search bar facilitates pinpointing customers using their name or email.