Dive deep into feedback with an array of features that offer both a bird’s-eye view and a microscopic look into every piece of data

General Properties and Metadata

  • General Properties: Source, Content, Customer ID, and Created Time of the feedback
  • Metadata: URL, userUrl, product version, and userName of the feedback.

Feedback Categorization

Feedbacks are auto-categorized by our AI into appreciation, bug, feature, and question. You can easily filter by selecting the desired category or change categories in the feedback detail window.

If you are looking for custom categories, contact us

Project Management

  • Feedback Properties: Within the feedback details window, manage various project-related properties: Update status, set priorities, assign ownership, and add specific tags (e.g., user interface, data, API).

    Go to Settings → Feedbacks → Tags to add custom tags**.** If you want to add tags for Monterey to automatically apply, contact us

  • Actions:

    • Documentation: Link feedback to existing docs.
    • Email Generation: Our AI assists in crafting a response, letting you directly open a draft in your email client.
    • Create engineering ticket: Integrate with tools like Jira, Asana, or Linear.
    • Idea Generation: Transform feedback into actionable ideas. (not online yet)
    • Maintenance: Delete feedback or mark it as spam.